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Why Buy With REMAX?

Why Buy With REMAX

Why Buy With REMAX?

In Costa Rica there is no single, certified and reliable Multiple Listing Service (MLS) where real estate agents can readily look up properties that are on the market and for sale. Nor can the Real Estate Agent look up comparable properties (“comps”) that have been listed and sold to get an idea on whether the property you’re interested in is fairly priced. The reality here is that you have to rely on your Real Estate agent and his or her knowledge and experience in the market, both real and empirical. But mostly real! Orrin Brightman’s CR Lux Homes Real Estate and REMAX Tres Amigos put the REAL in Real Estate.

Find out why I have joined the prestigious brokerage of REMAX Tres Amigos and why you, the buyer, should rely on my knowledge and experience – and the organization, history and experience that surrounds me – to ensure that your purchase of Costa Rica Real Estate is a sound, enjoyable and profitable one. Click on the button below.

Why Buy with RE/MAX?