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Life’s a Beach in Costa Rica

Guanacaste is legendary for its spectacular Pacific coast beaches. Fishing, snorkeling, kayaking, paddling, swimming, diving, surfing, or just relaxing in the sun or shade are all good options here!

Favorite beach in our area? It’s a tough question that always starts a lively debate with visitors and locals alike! But someone has to answer it; so let me try….

Life's a Beach in Costa RicaPlaya Hermosa – In Spanish “Hermosa” means beautiful. And this slivery gray sand beach is just that! Nestled between the two mountain points of Cacique and Ballena, the 1.500 m long crescent shaped beach is flanked by lush vegetation and beautiful coastal scenery. It is known for gentle waves making it a family favorite and a good choice for bathing, fishing, snorkeling, scuba diving and swimming.  The choice of sun or shade is always open, as Playa Hermosa offers ample amounts of both. Yummy food and refreshing drinks are always available as the beach is dotted with numerous beach restaurants; ranging from funky bars to the tropical elegance of the Bosque del Mar Boutique Hotel. It is a favorite with local Tico families as well as visitors who wish to spend a lazy day splashing in the surf, soaking up the sun or relaxing in the shade. Playa Hermosa is just about perfect!

Life's a Beach in Costa RicaPlayas del Coco –Located at the far end of the lively beach town, there is always activity here! The dark sand beach is1 km long, with a beautiful undulating beach walk that invites an afternoon or evening stroll. The swell is strong, more suitable for surfing than bathing. Many fishing and sailing boats are moored here offering various ocean experiences for the numerous visitors. Beach restaurants and bars are plentiful as well as shops displaying the wares of local artisans. Enticing aromas of local food vendors’ specialties waft through the air in addition to the plentiful availability of fresh fruits and drinks, often accompanied by live music. The beach at Playas del Coco is hard to resist for good food, good drink and a good time!

Life's a Beach in Costa RicaPlaya  Ocotal – Located to the south of Playas del Coco, there is only one road to Playa Ocotal and you’ll see lots of local color along the way…Ticos of all ages, all modes of transportation, and animals of every shape and size!. Once there the Ocotal rocky isle and the Catalina Islands offer an attractive vista. This is a tranquil white and gray sand 600 m beach with a surrounding scenic landscape of rolling hills and low ridges. The water is a clearer blue making snorkeling and scuba diving popular activities. It is known as a fantastic place to view schools of tropical fish, turtles, and octopus. Canoeing and kayaking are also popular. The tiny quaint village of Playa Ocotal is a wonderfully peaceful venue with the locally “famous” Father Rooster restaurant offering parking, food, beverage, and, often, live entertainment.

These are three local beaches in the running for “favorite”; but certainly not the only choices as our area is dotted with many small glittering sandy beaches; often accessible only by sturdy 4×4 or boat.

Visit us; explore and experience the diversity of our local beaches. Decide for yourself which is YOUR favorite!

PS… did you guess my choice? Of course you did. It’s Playa Hermosa; my hometown in paradise!


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